[Current Projects]

Chatham Park

The most prominent residential community developer in the Triangle Region of North Carolina, Preston Development, invited Tom D’Alesandro and Blakefield to collaborate on their most ambitious project ever: the nearly 8,000 acre Chatham Park property in Pittsboro, NC. Blakefield took the lead in assembling an all star team of analysts and architects to pull together an executable plan for a comprehensive live-work-play community that would preserve significant acreage as open space, establish vibrant village centers as focal points for work, entertainment, shopping, dining and recreation, and create attractive connections among all neighborhoods, businesses, schools and parks.

Blakefield’s plan for Chatham Park offers residents the ability to walk, bike or drive short distances to work at companies expanding into the business center, send their children to great schools, and socialize at coffee shops, recreation centers, libraries or parks. When complete, Chatham Park is planned to accommodate 50,000 of the 1,000,000 people projected to move into the Triangle Region over the next generation.

In addition to the integration of the built and natural settings, Blakefield’s master plan proposes a regional mixed use center to offer residents and workers every convenience: shopping, dining, education, recreation and housing will be integrated into a rewarding urbane place.