[Past Projects]

Republic Square

Blakefield provided guidance to Republic Square developer PMRG and to the architectural and planning team of Elkus Manfredi and Sasaki Associates in formulating a program for Republic Square that will allow it to emerge as an urban and natural oasis in Houston’s I-10 Energy Corridor. Hotel, retail, residential and office uses are organized to maximize the value of outwardly fronting on I-10 to the north, Memorial Drive to the south, the American headquarters of BP on the west and Terry Hershey Park to the east. Republic Square’s uses are also concentrated to maximize the vitality of the Republic Square itself, a distinctly urban space at the project’s center that has the promise of becoming a destination for the entire Energy Corridor, which today is a series of Corporate Headquarters and Class A Office Buildings strung out along I-10 without a center. Republic Square is envisioned as a dozen structures totaling 2.7 million square feet of office, 500 hotel rooms, 100,000 square feet of retail, and 800 multifamily residences.