[Past Projects]

Reston Town Center

Reston is among the 100 Best Places to live in America according to Money Magazine, an example of Excellence in Urban Design according to the American Institute of Architects, and a National Planning Landmark according to the American Planning Association.

Tom’s thoughtfulness and technical skill has enabled and facilitated the implementation of the dreams signified in the Reston Master Plan to come to fruition, and because of Tom’s leadership, involvement, and design, Reston Town Center is known as one of the most vibrant suburban downtowns in the United States.

Katherine K. Hanley,  Chairman Fairfax County Board of Supervision

This place called Reston flourished under Tom D’Alesandro’s leadership, and I could not have been happier with his appreciation for Reston’s potential, his urgency in building the vision, and his sincere affection for the community I love.

Robert E. Simon, founder of Reston, Virginia

Exemplary of the need to build alliances is the Commonwealth of Virginia General Assembly’s resolution of February 2003, which expressed their “admiration and gratitude” to Thomas D’Alesandro for “his quiet, steady leadership in development of Reston” and “his efforts on behalf of the citizens of Reston.”

The alliance at Reston Town Center between Boston Properties and Tom D’Alesandro at Terrabrook was highly profitable. Tom’s tremendous “sense of place” reflected in his initial concepts for Reston Town Center has been validated as it has served as the unaltered “blue print” for the over 4,000,000 square feet of world class, office, retail, and residential space developed over the last twenty years. We at Boston Properties, along with the other companies so fortunate to have the opportunity to develop our projects in Reston Town Center are extremely grateful to Tom for his dedicated efforts and creative genius that resulted in such an amazing built environment.

Ray Ritchey,  SVP Boston Properties