Services / Building Alliances

We played a role in building alliances for the following projects.

The Woodlands

When organizations did not have or want to acquire the skills to extend their market position, Tom D’Alesandro formed strategic alliances. Ventures that he has participated in all have achieved strong market position, with a total of more than four million square feet of mixed-use commercial and residential space developed. The Woodlands Town Center is… Read More

Columbia Town Center

Blakefield has expertise developing shared visions between local governments and developers to build places that enhance the competitiveness and attractiveness of their jurisdictions. A partnership model founded on a common need for sustainable, effective growth helps keep local governments goals pragmatic and acknowledges their reliance upon private industry in achieving them. When Thomas D’Alesandro launched… Read More

Ward Village

Over 80 civic groups and citizens addressed the Hawaiian Community Development Authority (HCDA) in support of the successful Ward Neighborhood zoning application. HCDA approved the plans for 4,300 new homes and millions of square feet of shops, restaurants and offices on 62 acres of downtown Honolulu in January 2009. Tom D’Alesandro oversaw the envisaging of… Read More

Reston Town Center

Reston is among the 100 Best Places to live in America according to Money Magazine, an example of Excellence in Urban Design according to the American Institute of Architects, and a National Planning Landmark according to the American Planning Association. Tom’s thoughtfulness and technical skill has enabled and facilitated the implementation of the dreams signified… Read More